Concert/Live sound mixing

For live mixing I use Digico SD9 mixing desk with D-rack’s. Total number or 72 audio channels
are possible to use. I have 4 ch Shure PSM900 wireless IEM-system and small RCF HD series PA
(everything else needed is possible to rent elsewhere on our side). Most popular microphones
are used for live sound (see full inventory: Technical stuff).
Price: 150 €/day + technical staff rent + transport.

Live recording

I am doing live recording total of 56 channel. For recording I’m using Digico SD series mixing
desk and recording signal with RME Madiface soundcard and Macbook pro computer.
I can to live F.O.H and/or monitor mix on the same time.
Price: 20€/h. The service is deemed to the installation of equipment, recording and uninstall.


No mather where you are located. Send your recording and I will mix it. For mixing I use
Cubase Pro 8.5. You can send your mix as Cubase session, Pro Tools session, OMF or
separate audio tracks (be sure they are minimum 24bit 44khz for the best result).
Price: 40 €/song.
If you have serious interest, do not hesidate to ask free mix from one of you songs.


Send your mix wav-files to For mastering I use WaveLab 9 and Sonnox
Oxford, Waves, iZotope, FabFilter and Universal Audio plug-ins.
Price: 30 €/song or 300€/album. Do not hesidate to ask free master sample from your mix.

Technical transport

Mercedes-Bens Sprinter (loadspace 14m3).
Price: 0,25 €/km.

*All Prices exclude VAT 20%.